The Day I Recognized The Assault On My Future

Remember this, when attacks come it’s because an upgrade is certain.  There are two types of attacks, the general and the personal.  To me, general attacks are the nuisances that come to try to rob our joy and peace. The car breaks down, the job falls through, the tax bill doubles. You know, the things that agitate us to focus on the negative, step out of joy and persuade us out of hope.  Then there are the personal attacks. The tailor-made-to-you assault on your identity.


This one isn’t out to only rob your peace, it wants your destiny too.


This one is different. We have an enemy that has studied us, our family line, and knows our strengths and our weaknesses.  He knows the generational setbacks and what trips you up. He knows what breaks your heart.  I don’t like to put a whole lot of emphasis on him or what he’s capable of because the truth of the matter is, he’s only capable of what we will allow.  He’s incapable of destroying an identity that is firmly planted in the Father’s love. But even the most secure in the Father’s love aren’t exempt from those giants in the way of their promise.

The enemy is no respecter of persons and will use anyone that will cooperate with him to bring roadblocks to fulfilling your destiny. Remember this, if the thought is encouraging and life-producing, we know it wasn’t from the enemy because he brings doubt, discouragement and death. If thoughts or words spoken to you aren’t encouraging, build you up or bring your gold to the surface, it’s not God.  Satan wants to destroy your dreams, rob your future and kill your hope.


“The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy” John 10:10 NKJV


I was with friends attending a meeting. The speaker and the message was really good. Even though the speaker had a completely different style and delivery than what I would normally be drawn to and noticeably different than my own speaking style, I loved who God was through them and I valued what they brought. I tried to look beyond the “style” and connect with what the speaker was saying to recognize the gold in it for me.

I will let you in on a secret, as a pastor you can get a LOT of advice, some solicited but mostly just freebies – I interpret it as we’re really loved ☺

So here comes the curve ball out of left field, because let’s be honest, most personal attacks are the smack in the gut you never saw coming.  After the meeting was over, here it comes, someone says “Sherri, I think you should get the recording from today and listen through it again and try and be more like “insert name here” they really held everyone’s attention, it was entertaining, I think you should study and learn their style so you can deliver a message like that”

At first I had to ask this person to repeat what they said because well, huh?

CERTAINLY I misheard them?  No, it was what it was, they repeated it a second time.  You know that big pit in your throat that makes its way to your stomach within 1.5 seconds?  It was happening and my heart just sank.  This person had just told me I needed to become like someone else in order to minister more effectively.  The hard truth was hearing they didn’t think I was enough.  I was hurt, upset, and felt small, all within just a moment.

Then in lightening like reflexes my spirit rose up within me and responded, NO.  All of a sudden as I was feeling the intensity of what was said, the truth started to roar, and I mean ROAR through my mind.  That truth was this:

You be you.  The moment you “try” to fashion yourself into what others think you should be is the moment you cheapen the calling He’s placed on your life individually.


You see, only you can bring the fullest expression of what He placed in you to this earth. When you don’t, the planet lacks that which He ordained to come through you.  Your calling isn’t an act that can be learned like a role in a drama play, your calling is a person – Christ in YOU.


“So since we find ourselves fashioned into all these excellently formed and marvelously functioning parts in Christ’s body, let’s just go ahead and be what we were made to be, without enviously or pridefully comparing ourselves with each other, or trying to be something we aren’t.”  Rom. 12:5–6 The Message


Don’t demean your assignment by trying to be someone else. Instead love the world around you by being authentically you. The same crowd that cried “Hosanna” also screamed “crucify Him”, we have to honor ourselves enough to not be sidelined by the ever changing opinions of the critics.

When you’re closer than ever to your promised land, don’t be surprised at the giants that get in your way.  For me, most every message I share or write is built on identity in the Father.  And there I was feeling very small.  It was a personal attack to influence me to step back.  When we pull back, it’s easy to feel “safe” within the distance we’ve created from our destiny and from there we spiral into totally disconnecting altogether.  Don’t take the bait!


When those words were said to me, I admit it stung. It stung until I realized it was an assault from the enemy on my future. Maybe it’s turning forty this year or maybe its twenty years in ministry, but I choose to think it’s my no tolerance policy for anymore stupid stuff!  Wounded people are preyed upon by the enemy and used to launch wounds on others, see it for what it is.

If you are encountering a personal attack, the purpose is to sway you away from your Promised Land that lies just around the corner.  Be like Nehemiah and don’t go down to that level, valuable time is wasted if you do.


Recognize the season you’re in, you’re in a season of advancement.


It’s time we all let the truth out, the church will never become who she is destined to be if we all try and clone another’s calling. God is creator, there is NO MOLD for you, you were the prototype and don’t believe otherwise! Honor what YOU carry, cherish the destiny on your life.  You’re uniquely fashioned to bring a flavor of His Kingdom to the earth that has never been seen and will never be, if you don’t bring it.  

Where is your biggest struggle right now? Where are you feeling you don’t measure up? Where is your greatest pain?  I guarantee you in that lies your destiny.


24 thoughts on “The Day I Recognized The Assault On My Future”

  1. Thank you for being real, for being relevant, for making yourself vulnerable to us. I’ve never heard you give a “canned” message. Instead, you invite us to walk with you through the “processing” of your way to victory in a real-life situation – a victory that is impossible apart from the love and grace of God. Because of that, you’re the future of the Church, not its past. Thank you for MORE!

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  2. Yes! Yes! Yes! This message is the embodiment of who I know you to be–a woman who knows WHO she is, and beautifully demonstrates what it looks like to walk in real identity. Thank you for being vulnerable so the rest of us can experience freedom. This was real. This was excellence.

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  3. So good Sherry!! Thank you for your honesty and boldness! I have been in a serious battle for a couple of years and I needed this encouragement to know that I have to continue to rise up and face the Giants because I have already received the victory through Jesus! Satan wants nothing more than for me to continue to walk in fear and listen to the his lies! And yes you should write a book! 💗

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  4. So good Sherri! And so true…from top to bottom! How easily we can forget to be ourselves. There’s no one that I can do better than me! There’s so much freedom in that!


  5. Great word, Sherri! And way to hear the truth in the middle of your pain…..that reveals a lot about the work Holy Spirit has done in you. Loved it!

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  6. Great word Sherri.

    One of my new favorite quotes: “we have to honor ourselves enough to not be sidelined by the ever changing opinions of the critics”- Sherri Colvin

    When others don’t know who they are, they will try to pull us off course so they can have company in their world of confusion. Stay the course my friend.

    Blessings, Stephen

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  7. You are amazing! Your words each week always resonate with me as if they were written just for me. Thank you for being “real”! It helps so much to know I’m not the only one who gets attacked. Sometimes it seems never ending & can be overwhelming & frustrating! Especially in the times when I buy into the lies! But each day I’m learning to just keep going towards God & He always gets me through. Thank you for being an example & an inspiration! ❤️


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