Three Tools To Overcome A Bad Day

Life can be beautiful and brutal.  When it’s being brutal, who hasn’t ever wished for an escape button that immediately took you out of your present reality?  I have, many times.  It’s hard to comprehend that life, something that can be amazing beyond description can also be so devastatingly hard and painful.

This I know: the bad days will still come.  But I can safeguard my life to overcome it and not see it overcome me.  Here are three tools I’ve learned to help overcome:


  • Perspective Shift


Everything is magnified when it’s right in front of you. Have you ever flown on an airplane?  Once that plane starts to climb into the clouds the landscape changes dramatically. When faced with something that rattles your day, you need to climb into the clouds. I don’t mean check-out in denial, I mean get above the moment, get a higher perspective.  Take a deep breath, take a walk outside, put your phone in a drawer, take a few minutes to soak, whatever works for you to be able to step away from it and ask Holy Spirit for a shift in perspective. Ask the Lord how He sees it.


  • Disarm it with Thanksgiving


I know what you’re thinking.  You might be asking “How can I to give thanks in the middle of something that just sent my day into the trashcan?” And there is no judgement here because there are days I think it too!  But it’s only going to the trashcan if you let it. The enemy doesn’t expect you to respond to an attack with joy or thanksgiving. Joy is the weapon if you want to defeat the devil.  In a battle, it’s crucial to your victory that a surprise attack is launched on your enemy in order for you to win. It’s no different here. The surprise is your thanksgiving to God in the face of a disappointment. I absolutely love this verse from The Passion Translation:

“My fellow believers, when it seems as though you are facing nothing but difficulties see it as an invaluable opportunity to experience all the joy that you can! ³For you know that when your faith is tested it stirs up power within you to endure all things. ⁴And then as your endurance grows even
stronger it will release perfection into every part of your being until there is nothing missing and nothing lacking.” James 1:2-4


  • Resist the Urge to Speak Negative


You’re hit with an unexpected tax bill, you didn’t meet your monthly sales quota for the third time, your child brings home a terrible report card, you just found out you need a root canal…whatever sent your day south, resist the urge to speak negative.  I know it’s human for our thoughts to automatically go negative when we’re met with disappointing news, but there’s a higher response. It’s  actually an opportunity to halt a momentary setback from prophesying more setback over us. Every word that comes out of our mouth is another brick in the foundation of our future. What kind of future are you building?  Are we cooperating with heaven to see the hope and future we’ve been promised come about or are we cooperating with a negative cycle of hopelessness that is prophesying lack, fear, rejection, and pain over ourselves?  

I have found that time and time again, these three tools are extremely powerful when I’m faced with a bad day.  The next time you’re met with a day you don’t like, test out these tools and see what happens. Give yourself grace and remember, you might be experiencing a bad day but that doesn’t mean your entire life is bad.  Face the moment and remember, His mercies are brand new tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Three Tools To Overcome A Bad Day”

  1. Excellent tips! Resisting the urge to speak negative is a tip I could stand to use more often …. Life and death are in the power of my words….negative words give life to the negative things going on and positive words bring life to the good things. Lord help me to speak positive in a negative situation.


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